Ludum Dare #22

So, I’ve officially declared I’m going to go in for Ludum Dare again, so I’ll have to make a game in 48 hours.

It’s a really fun thing to do, so I’m definitely looking forward to giving it another go, and hopefully do a bit better this time. I really liked my last entry ‘Unrest' - which got top 25 for both innovation and theme, but this time I want to try and make something with more gameplay, and hopefully a little more polish and flair - I’m no artist, but I want to try and get better graphics and some sound done this time.

If you want to follow my progress, I’ll be updating on the big Ludum Dare blog. My plan is to do a timelapse this time too, so you can watch me work afterwards.

Here is to hoping it’s an interesting theme and I can think of something good!

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